Midas is a newly designed and automated client proposal tool for New Business Sellers for AdRoll.


Preparing to find a solution I had 4 feedback sessions with people who interact regularly with proposals and the proposal process, 2 New Business Sellers and 2 NBS Managers.
I found that the process had not been revised in several years and that proposal sends and the results (accepted, rejected, or amended) were often not being tracked which lead to improvement difficulties in the proposal process.
I also learned that the current process was to fill out the second tab of a Google sheet that generated an exportable designed sheet on the first tab.
NBSĀ and NBSĀ Managers saw lots of room for improvement and also viewed this as low hanging fruit for success in the sales process.
I learned that a proposal's value is determined by:
Primarily: [Win Rate] [Budget Won] [Ability to Repeat]
Secondarily: [Speed of Response] [Share-ability] [Initial Reception]



Some functional design elements considered were ease in the creation process: - Fewer fields to fill out - Less to none redundant fields to fill out - Moving proposal building directly into the Salesforce CRM for account history tracking - Including sales stages on the Proposal in SFDC (sent, opened, accepted, rejected, amended) - Link generation to the final proposal for easy sharing once on the recipient's side (as opposed to attaching a file) - Exisiting syncing features between Outreach.io for email open tracking and stage progression in Salesforce


On brand Standout/memorable Professional Pricing Table methodology, placing the most desirable budget in the center and larger



Salesforce Photoshop Outreach.io Gmail


Create an SFDC dev account to create a mock account and build the required fields for proposal building (including performance estimates and benchmarks with logic) Export that to a PDF via HTML in Salesforce Generate a shareable link to that PDF in SFDC

Go To Market

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

AdRoll and their New Business Sellers who want to earn more revenue in pitches through higher credibility, better recall, and improved brand experience in the proposal process.

Value Prop

Win higher budgets, more often, and consistently with the Midas Proposal Builder.


Win Higher Budgets More Consistent Sales Better insights into what worked and what didn't


- Builder directly in Salesforce - Auto account tracking (because it is in salesforce) - Link generation for easy sharing - A newly designed Proposal that stands out from competing proposals

Delivery Method

Win the vote for adoption with SFDC admins and Sales Leaders Migrate new proposal fields into existing SFDC infrastructure Create and distribute One sheeter on the new process Schedule retrospectives to iterate on unforeseen bugs and improvements

Time Goals

No specific time goals

Future Roadmap

Additional Features

Less clicks to proposal creation Email sending directly from SFDC Using the newly tracked performance data to A/B test new versions and changes Possibly different proposals for different clientel like Agency accounts, Mid Market, SMB, and Self-service

Time Goals

No specific time goals

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