AM Dashboard


The AM Dashboard is an internal tool for Advertising Platform Account Managers.


Prior to pursuing a solution I interviewed AMs to learn what was important to them currently, observed their daily workflow, and looked into a few other solutions specialized for account management to learn how they may have already solved this problem.



Data organized by Account. (this was standard with most of the existing tools AMs were using) Data organized by an AMs total Book of Business. (This did not already exist) Considered information hierarchy - in that the more frequently used (need) data at the top and larger and the lesser (want or nice-to-have) data further down the page. - also used color size, brightness, and focal points to emphasize important information and deprioritize lesser data.


I wanted this design to not be bland, because so many internal tools focus on function only and can be boring rather than exciting to use regularly. Keywords I used in this design were: - not bland - clean - clear - minimal where possible - use whitespace - be on-brand with AdRoll



Redash Google Sheets Google Data Studio Photoshop


First I whiteboarded the data the dashboard needed to have, and planned out how to best organize that into a SQL query for redash. (e.g. do I need the data sorted a certain way or grouped by day week, when should it refresh to keep the load off of existing systems) Then I connected the data pull from redash to a Google sheet to act as an interim database through google apps script. Then I prepared the Google sheet to organize the data in a way that could be pivoted and organized into widgets for the Data studio dashboard Then I crafted the reports in data studio in the way I had previously prioritized on the whiteboard Then I went through several rounds of reorganizing and did usability and feedback tests with account managers to optimize both the functional and aesthetic design of this AM dashboard.

Go To Market

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Advertising Account Managers with increasingly larger books of business (increasing number of accounts) especially those who feel they are logging in and out of many tools to get the regular data they need to manage at scale.

Value Prop

One customizable resource for all the data you need to manage your book at scale and each account at a low level


Save time Get data quicker Higher accuracy in decisions Faster data retrieval (copy-paste many accounts at once based on filters)


Filters with Spend sums in dropdowns: - Account - Strategy - Vertical - Spend Tier - Any customizable tag limited by the number of unique tags Pie chart with drill-down for: - Strategy - Vertical - Spend tier - Any customizable tag limited by the number of unique tags All revenue metrics Copy/paste-able account data based on filters Line Graph with interactive data by account with variable metrics

Delivery Method

because this is an internal tool the method of delivery is to get stakeholder buy-in from those responsible for managing internal tools and will likely need to meet security and usability thresholds

Time Goals

There are no specific time goals on this project.

Future Roadmap

Additional Features

On the road map some feature requests are: - Zendesk ticket creation directly from the dashboard - Log actions on an account directly from the dashboard - Achievable note-taking directly in the dashboard (that can also be easily retrieved) - Add custom tags to accounts directly in the dashboard

Time Goals

There are no specific time goals on this project.

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