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Designer, Marketer,

Hi I'm Amaleki Lawlor and I love making things that solve practical problems.
I was born in Charlotte, NC and moved all over the US finally ending up in Salt Lake City, UT. Over 10 years ago I started designing for a small skate shop called Kingdom Skateboards, then shortly after started coding custom MySpace pages in Notepad. I've since moved on to much more important and real-world problems/solutions, leaning into top tier software like Adobe CC, the Google Suite, and Visual Studio.
My goal has always been growth.
I've noticed that the more tools I learn and skills I hone the more diverse my approaches to problems can be, and the less everything looks like a "nail".
I try to operate with a Growth Mindset and First Principles perspective.

And on a personal note, I love:
- Playing Chess (~1200 ELO)
- Working on my avg Rubix cube solve time (~35 sec)
- Playing music (Guitar, Uke, Piano, Drums)
- Hiking every mountain in northern Utah w/ my dog Jack
- And listening to audio books throughout pretty much all of those activities.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116


Some of My Achievements

Some of my Achievements

Platinum Q1 '18

Platinum Q2 '18


Platinum Q3 '18


Platinum Q4 '18


AGB Community Champ


The Rockstar Award 2019

Do More With Less
Hackweek Q2 '19 AdRoll

Product Award Honorable Mention

Hackweek Q2 '19 AdRoll



I LOVE working. I usually keep 2-3 initiatives at a time to keep me in a growth mindset, always learning new skills, and preventing burnout.
Here are some of the most relevant roles I've held, with a few side gigs in the fine print below.

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Small Group Leader
Intervarsity | WSU Ogden, UT

March 2013 - March 2018

Intervarsity is a Christian fellowship group on college and university campuses all around the world. Throughout my time at Intervarsity at the Weber State University campus I filled a lot of roles from leading the worship team for a few years to being a small group leader and coordinating a few special events.
This was an amazing time for me to practice public speaking and managing relationships at scale in situations that can at times be highly personal.

General Manager
Jimmy Johns

Nov 2013 - Mar 2014

I started at Jimmy Johns as an in-shop right after high school then moved into being a delivery driver, then assistant manager, then from 2013 to 2014 I managed my own shop on Riverdale road in Riverdale UT. (Also supporting a few other shops from time to time, but was never officially an Area Manager)

My time here taught me so much about organized and practical management that I still use daily. Concepts like measuring everything in order to manage it, the differences in management styles and frameworks. Being held accountable to teams (varying in age from teens to 40s) to deliver on OKRs, COGs, and P&Ls.

I made a LOT of mistakes building and managing teams but even now lean on those learnings often.

Assistant Office Manager
Protection One, VA Beach, VA

March 2014 - Oct 2014

I started with Protection 1 as an installation tech, tried my hand at door-to-door sales (not for me) and found my spot as an Assistant Office Manager. For the most part I filled out and organized paperwork, every once in a while helping coordinate the sales teams, fulfillment of installs, and inventory management of security equipment.

I learned a lot during my time with Protection 1, truth be told I did not really enjoy it but it taught me persistence and how to grow when uncomfortable. Especially installing and door-to-door sales taught me a bit about adapting to others and qualities of good (and bad) sales reps.

I certainly learned crucial communication skills and logistics of running a seasonal office including fundamentals of supply/demand and inbound/outbound sales with fulfillment.

Chief Marketing Officer
Prepify App, Ogden, UT

Oct 2017 - Jan 2018

Prepify is an inventory management app for Survivalist and Prepper's supply.
I worked with the founders Britton Beckham and Clint Laub two Database Admins to prepare the app with a solid marketing foundation for release.

This plan included a Brand strategy guide, a content strategy plan, a social GTM plan, and a Keyword plan.

I learned what it is like to be on the ground floor of something and what it takes to actually create and deliver design and marketing systems that convert.

SMB Account Manager
AdRoll, SLC, UT

April 2016 - Current

AdRoll is a Growth Marketing Platform that works with businesses of any size, but primarily SMB. We offer display, social, and email marketing. (and soon Direct Mail)
As an account manager I'm held accountable to revenue growth and retention.
The way I grow and maintain revenue (year over year) requires extreme organization and repeatable processes. I've managed hundreds of accounts and over $15 million in marketing spend in the last 4.5 years, maintaining regular marketing consultation calls for strategy planning, campaign launches, optimization plans (always for KPIs not arbitrary optimization), and not just for the AdRoll Platform. I've also become fluent in FB ad manager, Pintrest, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and a few other common advertising platforms and anaylsis tools.

Freelance Graphic Designer


I've been designing as a side gig throughout my entire working life.
I've been involved in everything from concert flyers, to skateboards, to product design, scalable icon packs, logo design, brand strategy books, UX/UI design etc.

I've learned a lot designing over the years especially regarding design principles in different applications like composition, color theory, and functional design, but I've also taken a lot from working with diverse clients. It can be tricky to work with clients who are extremely hands on and require a lot of communication, but I've also learned to effectively guide those who know they want something but don't have clarity in the vision yet.

My recent years working in business and advertising have heavily influenced the functional aspects of my design, and allow me to practically plan ahead. Crafting designs that don't just look nice and on brand, but also fulfill a purpose and function.

Freelance Web Designer

2014 - 2020

I've been designing websites as a side gig for a long time also (a bit less time than graphic design). A lot of the same learnings from graphic design are true for my web design, but this is especially true since working in business and advertising.

A website (especially one that drives visitors toward a revenue generating goal) has to be planned out in advance and built with KPIs in mind can save years of optimizing and establish an effective brand identity out of the gate.

Through the years of consulting web developers and designing/developing myself I've learned that some key factors in effective web design are

- Having a clear goal (e.g. ecommerce sales, call in leads, walk in leads, request a quotes, schedule appointment, etc.)

- Proper information hierarchy in relation to the goal (this is the order of information on your site like value props, benefits, features, CTAs)

- Following foundational design principles

- Building for scale, with reliable CMS, hosting, and infrastructure

And the just for fun jobs: Server/busboy @ Royal Jade, Layton, UT | Arcade Technician @ Boondocks, Kaysville, UT | Front Desk @ Planet Fitness, South Ogden, UT | Delivery Driver @Dominoes Ogden, UT Order Filler @ Smith's Distribution Center, Layton, UT | Order Filler @ Associated Foods, Farr West, UT |
Server @ Pie Pizzeria, Ogden, UT | Security System Install Tech @ Protection One, VA Beach, VA


Formal Education
High School Diploma

Layton High School Class of 2011
Layton, UT

BS Mechanical Engineering

Weber State University - In Progress
Ogden, UT

Skills & Tools

My Toolbox

The skills I have and tools I'm comfortable in

Design and Development

UI/UX Design

Illustrator, Photoshop,
XD, Figma, Sketch,
Invision, InDesign

Web Development

Webflow, Wordpress,
Shopify, Wix, Magento,
Dreamweaver, Editor X


SQL, PHP, Node.js,
Python, Visual Studio

Digital Marketing

PPC | Display

AdRoll, Criteo, Steelhouse,
Google Display Network,
Taboola, Triplelift


Facebook, Instagram,
Pintrest, Hootsuite

Ad Design

Illustrator, Photoshop,
XD, Figma, Sketch,
Invision, InDesign, Banner snack

Analytics and CRO

Crazy Egg,
Google Analytics


Adwords, Ubersuggest, kwfinder,
Google Keyword Planner


Graphic Design

Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch

Video Editing

Premiere Pro, After Effects,
Cinema 4D, Adobe Animate


Google Slides, Keynote


DB Storage and Management

AWS S3, Redash, Tableau, Salesforce


Google Sheets, Google Docs,
Google Slides,
Photoshop and Whiteboards


Projects of note



What it is like working with me?

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