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Designer, Marketer,

Hi I'm Amaleki Lawlor and I love making things that solve practical problems.


Some of My Achievements

Some of my Achievements

Platinum Q1 '18

Platinum Q2 '18


Platinum Q3 '18


Platinum Q4 '18


AGB Community Champ


The Rockstar Award 2019

Do More With Less
Hackweek Q2 '19 AdRoll

Product Award Honorable Mention

Hackweek Q2 '19 AdRoll


Projects of note

Skills & Tools

My Toolbox

The skills I have and tools I'm comfortable in

Design and Development

UI/UX Design

Illustrator, Photoshop,
XD, Figma, Sketch,
Invision, InDesign

Web Development

Webflow, Wordpress,
Shopify, Wix, Magento,
Dreamweaver, Editor X


SQL, PHP, Node.js,
Python, Visual Studio

Digital Marketing

PPC | Display

AdRoll, Criteo, Steelhouse,
Google Display Network,
Taboola, Triplelift


Facebook, Instagram,
Pintrest, Hootsuite

Ad Design

Illustrator, Photoshop,
XD, Figma, Sketch,
Invision, InDesign, Banner snack

Analytics and CRO

Crazy Egg,
Google Analytics


Adwords, Ubersuggest, kwfinder,
Google Keyword Planner


Graphic Design

Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch

Video Editing

Premiere Pro, After Effects,
Cinema 4D, Adobe Animate


Google Slides, Keynote


DB Storage and Management

AWS S3, Redash, Tableau, Salesforce


Google Sheets, Google Docs,
Google Slides,
Photoshop and Whiteboards

What I Do

A bit about what I do

A bit about what I do

Some of my Achievements


A lot can go on in this step but the goal is to clearly identify and understand your target audience. There are a few ways to get there but I typically start with researching the existing industry standards, customer segments, and models then iterating on top to find unique niches and value props. This research model ensures that the market is validated and that we work toward the true market size rather than tackling an entire industry. We work on winning over groups of customer segments at a time.


This is one of my favorite parts. (Analysis is the other)
I always design for both function and form. Every product, service, and any interaction in a User's Experience (UX) is designed to adhere to general design principles with proper composition, color theory, and information hierarchy. I design with the end user in mind and maintain brand identity integrity.


In development I focus on scalability, reliability, and efficiency.
When I seek out solutions I look first to build on reliable existing frameworks like Zapier, Webflow, or leaning into libraries like StackOverflow or Tensorflow when building from scratch. Often times there are partial solutions already out there and using them can achieve high reliability even in MVPs and even save money and time in final deploy-able versions.

Marketing (Mostly Digital)

After working for over 5 years I've been asked my specialty many times, and while I like to quickly respond with SEO or PPC this is not entirely true. The best marketers understand marketing principles and lean into any channel that solves for the effective delivery of your brand to your target audience.
Our goal should always be to identify your audience then gain their attention then to convince them and make it convenient to take the action you want them to. <- This is the approach I take working in existing and any future platforms that target audiences may be using.


This is my other favorite part. (Tied with design)
If we've followed every step properly we've recorded a lot of data along the way. I absolutely Thrive on digging deep into the data to try and understand why things didn't work and maybe more importantly why things did work.
There are a few approaches to good analysis but I find that the best is to always have a goal, have something that you are hoping to learn and do multiple dives for different things if you must.
We are looking for consistent patterns, inconsistent events, triggers and results. After gathering these observations we prioritize by the initial research goal, business impact, and ability to action. Obviously I am generalizing here but this is a solid approach for most situation.



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